Thread: Reading in a line.

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    Reading in a line.

    What I'm trying to do is read in each line from a file in the format of <char><blank><number, with char being read even if it is blank. The following code worked fine with while(read >> c), except in the instance that c was a blankspace.

    		a[size] = c;		    // read char into array	
    		sort_array(a, size);	    // keep array sorted.	
    		read.get();                 // get the next char, which should be ' '
    		read >> v;                  // read the frequency number		
    		add_list(root, list, v, c); // add the node to the list
    		size ++;   		    // increment size
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    while ((read >> c >> v).good()) {
      // blah blah blah

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