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    Template problem question

    Dear all,

    I would like to ask if it is possible to have a template function as a general function for two functions that have a different return type.
    For example:
    int AddNumbers(int a, int b);

    float AddFloats(float a, float b);

    What would it be the template function for the above example?


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    so long as all operations and methods used in the template function for a given data type T are defined, you can use it as T.

    in the case of Add()

    certainly, "+" is defined for float and int so it would work. very trivial example though.

    template <class T>
    T Add(T var1, T var2)
    return var1 + var2;
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    Re: Template problem question

    template <typename T>
    T add(T a, T b) { return a + b; }

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