Thread: Can all c++programming be converted to palm programming?

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    Can all c++programming be converted to palm programming?

    Can all c++programming be converted to palm programming?

    i should say, i have a c++programming which is MFC(exe). can it be converted to palm?

    and how about a win32 console application which have coding from a MFC program?

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    Assuming you have the source code (.c or .cpp) not just the executable (.exe)...

    Programs written in ANSI/ISO standard C++ should re-compile and run on any system for which you have a compiler. (Assuming that the system has enough memory, etc.)

    MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class) programs are NOT ANSI/ISO standard. They only compile for Windows.

    You can "port" programs between different operating systems by re-writing the parts that are platform / operating system specific.
    This is probably a huge task for an MFC program which is likely a huge program!

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    The chances are that you will have to port your code as there are a lot of OS specific things that need to be handled for PalmOS. I've diddled around with palm programming a bit and am confident you will have to make quite a few changes (reiterating that MFC apps excluded) to existing source to get it to run on a Palm (eg. initialization, handling different messages from the OS, cleaning up, etc).

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    no, because palm devices are very different from general purpose computers;

    some differences include the fact that
    -no basic command line
    -small screen
    -no secondary memory ( no files, basically all just ram[sort of] )-single thread of execution

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    maybe let me expain my situation....

    i am doing a project which is about controlling comport, getting data to the computer ,and use program to do some text to speech job. the project is written in c++.

    so i wonder if this program can be converted and use in palm while my c++ program have the following features:

    1.) i have used function like Readfile() to read data from the com port.

    2.) i have use microsoft speech sdk 5.1 as the text to speech output. which the sound output is made by functions provided in the sdk lib

    3.)the project is in win32console application, but some of the scriptare similar to the one i have used in the MFC program before .

    and i would like to ask if the situstion on palm will be the same as in pocket PC. so that i can my specification from turning the program to pocket pc instead of palm

    thank you for helping.

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