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    string class

    I hate writing class methods. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help I could get with this, as the program's due tomorrow. -_- I wrote a nice little reverse_string function, now I have to put it in a class called apstring. So I prototyped this function with a return type of apstring, and basically it creates an string called ReversedString which essentially is myCstring reversed, and then returns ReversedString. Problem is, I keep getting this error (I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0):

    index out of range: 0 string:
    Assertion failed: 0 <= k && k < myLength, file D:\Program Files\DevStudio\SharedIDE\bin\APSTRING.CPP, line 139

    This is where the error is:
    char& apstring::operator[](int k)
    // precondition:  0 <= k < length()
    // postcondition: returns copy of the kth character
        if (k < 0 || myLength <= k)
            cerr << "index out of range: " << k << " string: " << myCstring
                << endl;
            assert(0 <= k && k < myLength); // line 139
        return myCstring[k];
    And here's the method I wrote:
    apstring apstring::reverse_string() const
    // description:   returns the string reversed
    // precondition:  the string must contain at least one printable character
    // postcondition: returns the string reversed or returns a blank string (just \0) if the precondition is not met
      // declares variables
      int Subscript1, Subscript2 = myLength - 1;
      apstring ReversedString1;
      // reverses string
      for(Subscript1 = 0; Subscript1 <= myLength; Subscript1++)
        if(Subscript1 == myLength)
    	  ReversedString1[Subscript1] = '\0';
        ReversedString1[Subscript1] = myCstring[Subscript2];
      return ReversedString1;
    }// end Reverse_string
    And finally, this is the prototype in the header file:
    apstring reverse_string() const;

    I attached the class in a zip file should anyone decide to give me some help. Again, I would really appreciate any help!
    I'm thinking that the problem lies within the subscript operator overload, but if Subscript1 stores an int value, then why won't it work correctly? : |
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    :3 Thanks I actually got it to work though. I decided to change it so that myCstring itself is reversed, and created a second char array to hold a copy of myCstring in order to reverse it. O_o' Strange. I guess I could delete this thread, but I figure it doesn't take up too much space. Maybe later, I've got a lot to do!

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