Thread: What size exactly is the constant BUFSIZ

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    What size exactly is the constant BUFSIZ

    BUFSIZ is declared in stdio.h but I havn't been able to find out exactly how big it makes the buffer when I use it.

    I'm just curios.
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    Look in your stdio.h file. In mine, (VC++ 6.0 Pro), it says...

    #if defined(_M_MPPC)
    #define BUFSIZ 4096
    #else /* defined (_M_MPPC) */
    #define BUFSIZ 512
    #endif /* defined (_M_MPPC) */

    ... I would not rely on that for any random buffer I used, I would always size my own.
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    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdio>
    int main( void ) {
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