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    Learning C++ resources

    I'm taking classes to learn C++, but it seems like there's a lot of different opinions on how to write "good" code.
    Can I please get some input on what books are available that have good demonstrations of proper coding styles? The one I'm using in school doesn't cover namespaces at all, and doesn't get into pointers until much later on. It's good at covering the basics, but it doesn't do a good job of combining previously learned topics with new topics.


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    if looking for many 'good book/tutorial' suggestions try using search on this'll get tons of results


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    A lot of people so far have suggested the Ivor Horton books from Wrox. I read good things about them on other book sites, but I guess I was a little scared of a guy that writes C, C++, VC++, and Java books. It seemed like a little much even though they are related.

    Does anyone like the Deitel How To Program books?


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    Check out

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    I read Ivor Horton's Beginning C++ after trying several other books, and I thought it was excellent. I wanted two things in a book: program exercises at the end of every chapter with answers; and clear, logical explanations. I don't think the answers to the Dietel books are available unless you're a teacher.
    Ivor's book will also serve as a great reference book after you are done, or if you just want to look up stuff that was confusing in your class.

    (The only part of Ivor's book I found poor was his inclusion of an overly complex section on bitwise operators in Chapter 3 of the book. Nothing builds on it, so skip it like I did, and you'll be fine.)

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