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    just wondering

    ok i have the book teach yourself C++ in 21 days and one of the sections is this

    Blocks and Compound Statements
    Any place you can put a single statement, you can put a compound statement, also called a block. A block begins with an opening brace ({) and ends with a closing brace (}). Although every statement in the block must end with a semicolon, the block itself does not end with a semicolon. For example

    temp = a;
    a = b;
    b = temp;

    This block of code acts as one statement and swaps the values in the variables a and b.

    and i was wondering what you would need that for? it seems like its just a circle.

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    This could be used for sorting, for example


    some entropy with that sink?

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    "and i was wondering what you would need that for?"

    The code in your example switches the values in a and b. Let's say you started out with:


    and you wanted to switch the values. If you tried this:


    the first statement would assign 10 to a, so you would have:


    The second statement assigns a to b, and since a=10, you assign 10 to b, so you have:


    So, in the end were you able to switch the values? No, you wanted to end up with:


    To switch values in two variables, you have to create a temp variable because your first assignment is going to overwrite the value in that variable and it will be lost forever unless you assign the value to temp first.

    temp = a; ----->temp=5, a=5, b=10
    a=b; ---------->temp=5, a=10, b=10
    b=temp-------->temp=5, a=10, b=5
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    sreetvert83, ignore this post. I'm just trying to confuse others

    This code:
    will work in a certain case. What's this case? (Hint: the variables don't have to be the same value)

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