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    Question code help

    ok here is the code
    #include <iostream.h>

    int main()


    int thisisanumber;

    cout<<"Please enter a number:";


    cout<<"You entered: "<<thisisanumber;

    return 0;

    and i have dev-c++ version
    it compiles fine but when i try and run it it says please enter a number and when you do and hit enter the whole box disappears

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    Yeah the programs that dev-c++ makes will do that. They exit straight away and your program is running too fast for you to see anything.

    The simplest thing for you to do is probably put another,

    immediately before your return statement.

    That way the program will wait for you to enter another number before continuing.

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    or, if dev includes it (sorry I'm not familiar) use Sleep before return statement,

    This is explained in detail in the FAQ on this board


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