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    about inverted indexing program


    I was trying to implement an indexing program that uses an inverted index file system, i.e. the progaram provides a weighting each document based on keyword method, once the keyword is searched the program should pickup a document that has the highest frequency of that keyword.

    I am having a go but I would need some guidance from someone from the board with information retrievial experience, I would be
    happy to be guided by examples.

    thanks in advance

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    Well, lets say you need to go through a certain directory file-by-file and count the number of occurances of a specific word in those files. If you were to store, for instance, the count and the filename results into a multimap<int,string,greater<int> > container then this would result in a list of filenames where those files with the higher counts would be at the start of the multimap. Is this what you are talking about?
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