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    Question borland question

    i am using microsoft visual studio to do a university assignment, and i have to go into uni to do this.

    i saw borland as a free compiler and have some questiomns about it.

    1 - can you open existing projects that were created in microsoft visual studio?

    2 - is it easy to get the hang of the program after using ms visual studio?

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    I think you're going to be unhappy with the dual-compiler solution.

    You'll proably run into situations where one of the compilers is "not working", and you'll spend a few hours solving the set-up or configuration problem. This will happen at the worst possible time!

    Heck, you would likely run into set-up/configuration differences (once in a while) even if you were using the same compiler in two different places.

    If you were self-studying, you could live with the time delays. And, it's always helpful to be familiar with more than one compiler. But, when the assignment is due...

    If you are not required to demonstrate your project on VC++, maybe you should just use Borland.

    However, if you are a CS student (i.e. This isn't your last programming class) and your school, and the other students, use VC++, then you should try to get your own copy of VC++ (about $100)

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