Thread: Some help for a newbie!!!

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    Some help for a newbie!!!

    I am new to this site and new to the C++ language, so pls bare with me. I am sure there is a very simple solution to this problem but it has got me stumped!!! I had to create a Counter class that has four counters. Think of it like this: [][][][]'s not an array, each one is a separate variable that keeps a running total that is controlled by it's own function. Each one separately represents ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands(from right to left obviously) so when they reach 10 the 1 is carried over to the next one. Now, I have everything working except for the carry over.
    #include <iostream.h>
    class Counter
    				int total1, total2, total3, total4, grandTotal;
    				int max;
    				int price1, price2, price3, price4;
    				void reset() { total1=0, total2=0, total3=0, total4=0, grandTotal; }
    				void incrl1();
    				void incrl10();
    				void incrl100();
    				void incrl1000();
    				void overflow() { cout << "You have exceeded your limit!"; }
    				void display();
    	max=9999, total1=0, total2=0, total3=0, total4=0, grandTotal=0;
    	price1=0, price2=0, price3=0, price4=0;
    void Counter::incrl1()
    	cout << "Enter num: ";
    	cin >> price1;
    	grandTotal += price1;
    	total1 += price1;
    void Counter::incrl10()
    	cout << "Enter num: ";
    	cin >> price2;
    	grandTotal += price2*10;
    	total2 += price2;
    I have obviously left out the other functions, but this should give you an idea.
    as you can see if the total becomes>9 I am incrementing the next total, but this only works when it is less than 9 because otherwise it becomes 10 and that's not what I want and I can't figure out how else to do it. The only thing I can think of to solve the problem would be to call a function that has a long rediculous nested 'if' statement, but I feel there has to be another way!! Any suggestions would be much appreciated...thnks

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    thnks alot for your help Salem...I figured I needed to pass it out somehow but I just couldn't figure where to pass it to! Thnks for clearing it up for me

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