Thread: Is there a way to sort or search an outfile?

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    Is there a way to sort or search an outfile?

    Hello i was wondering if someone has a short minute, and might be able to give me an example of how to sort and search an outfile, without a struct. I am not familar with a struct, if there is'nt a way. Can you then give me an example on how to sort and search a dynaminc array?

    Thank you very much

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    Generally, you don't sort/search files. Generally, you download data from file to memory in your program and sort/search from there. There is no one way to do the download or the sort or the search. There is no best way to do those things either. Depends on the skill of the programmer, the tools the programmer has to work with, and how the file is set up.

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    Post an example of the kind of data the program deals. Does the program deal with texts or binary data?

    One solution is file-mapping.


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    couldnt you do a quicksort on it?

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