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    What exactly is MFC? and is it similiar to Win32? if so...which is better?

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    MFC = Microsoft Foundation Classes.....MFC has everything pretty much laid out for you, and most people around here prefer Win32/Api/WHATEVER over MFC....I think this belongs more in Windows programming than here btw

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    As previously stated, they are the Microsoft Foundation Classes. Basically, they wrap up the win32API in an OO environment and cut down on design time.

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    Here's my take:

    MFC = predefined classes that you can use to make windows programming easier. However, there's a lot of code involved, so it makes programs larger and slower.

    windows programming = programs that use windows to interface with the user

    win32 API= hundreds of functions provided by Windows to be used by your Windows application. Because there are so many functions, using them in the raw can be difficult--just understanding what they all are is a task in itself.

    win32 programming=using the win32 API functions directly, rather than indirectly through the MFC classes.

    Using only the Win32 API, I coded an application which created a window and displayed Hello World in it. For that simple application, I had to write roughly 100 lines of code. Then using MFC, I created a text editor application by making a few selections in a Wizard and then clicked Ok, and I had a fully functioning text editor.
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    I hate MFC. I don't trust its stability either. I'd rather use Win32 API any day, and thats what I recommend you do too.
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    Only use MFC when there is no other posible solution without one... adding MFC will make your program have more dependencies.

    MFC also uses some number of TLS, which might given you problem on win9x machine since the max TLS slot availabel is 64 slot, Win2k has upgraded to 1088 (1024 + 64) .... I learn that in a hard way

    Stick with Win32 APIs

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