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    Where to Start?

    I have to write this program for my class, I haven't used c++ in awhile, and I have no idea where start, is there anyone that help start it off.

    Write a program that uses a structure to store the following weather data for a particular month:
    Total rainfall
    High temperature
    Low temperature
    Average temperature
    The program should have an array of 12 structures to hold weather data for an entire year. When the program runs, it should ask the user to enter data for each month. (The average temperature should be calculated.) Once the data is entered for all the months, the program should calculate and display the average monthly rainfall, the total rainfall for the year, the highest and lowest temperatures for the year (and the months they occurred in), and the average of all the monthly average temperatures.
    Input Validation: Only accept temperatures within the range between -100 and +140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Please follow the general programming procedure.

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    Think about the information your prog needs to store, and what type of variables you'd use to store it in. Then think about how that would be used in an array of structs.

    Think about how to get input from the user, safely.

    etc etc....

    What part are you having problems with? I suggest you post some code so we can see where you're up to.
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    Break it down into parts.

    1) Create the struct that is going to hold the data
    2) Have the user input the info

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