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    Question winoldap (???)

    I have a question. Every time I compile a DOS-based program (in this case, mode13 graphics programs), a "winoldap" is placed into memory (You see them if you press Ctrl-Alt-Del once).
    What are these? Was there something wrong when I compiled? No actual error messages showed up though.
    I'm hoping for some answers about this one. They are pretty annoying as I have to close them using Ctrl-Alt-Del all the time...

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    After a search at I got this link:
    It's not aimed at answering your questions, but the question was answered implicitly

    <The Site above says>
    The MS-DOS prompt runs within its own virtual machine (VM), which is separate from the system VM in which the visible window runs. This visible window is embodied in Winoldap.exe, which is a 32-bit Windows-based program with some specialized features that allow it to manage the interface for MS-DOS-based programs (such as the command prompt).
    I've read somewhere during my search that :
    1 - When you terminate a MS-DOS based app incorrectly, winoldap.exe stays there
    2 - It can be on when someone's hacked to your system (not this case, I think)
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