Thread: find no of even factor, express as %

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    find no of even factor, express as %

    question: enter a number, find number of even factor and expressed as percentage

    i have type in the code and compiled it sucessfully. But the reuslt wasn't expected (always come as 0). Can someone please help to solve the problem. I am using a blood shed dev cpp ver 4.01.
    Here is my code

    int c(int day)
    //find the even factor of day and expressed as percentage
    //pre: day>0
    //post: return percentage
     int eFactor;//even factor
     int tFactor;//total factor
     int i;//control variable
     int percent;//express as percentage
     eFactor = 0;
     tFactor = 0;
     for (i=1; i<=num; i++)
      if (num%i==0)
       if (i%2==0)
      }//end if  
     }//end loop
     percent = (eFactor / tFactor)* 100;
     return percent;
    }//end c

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    Also the if-clause
    if (num%i==0)
    is not neccesary.

    Your function should return a double or a float and not an integer number.

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    As a minor point, the number of even factors will be equal to the number of times you can divide by 2.
    int num_even(int n) {
        int num=0;
        while(n>1 && n%2==0) {++num;n/=2;}
        return num;
    int num_odd(int n) {
         n >>= num_even(n);
         int num=0;
         const int lim = ceil(sqrt(n));
         for(int d=3;n>1 && d<=lim;d+=2) {
             while(n%d==0) {
        return num;
    also consider what happens with your loop on 12 (3*2*2) this should be 66% but yours(fixing round off) will return 50%

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