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    Question A compiler error

    Hello everyone

    i have a problem with my compiler... When i try to compile a program it says ( error spawning ) What does this mean ??and how can i fix this problem???

    NOTE: i have this problem with the compiler in my acount in the university and in my laptop but the desktop works out fine ...

    please hurry i have a major after two days !!!!
    have a nice day

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    I have VC++6 and the drive I had it on got full, so I tried to copy it to another drive, and I got that spawning error, and I talked to many support people on the phone, and finally I just deleted everything and reinstalled. Also, my compiler only allows one instance on one computer, so maybe it has some encryption that is preventing you from illegally installing it on more than one computer.

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    i have ( Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 ) in all computers , and the operating systems are :

    1) Microsoft NT 2000 ==> in my university ...
    2) Windows XP ==> in my Lap and disktop ...

    the compiler in the university was working just fine then one day it had this error and my teacher doesn't know how to fix it... and i'm the only one in my section who has this problem..

    about the compiler in my laptop it didn't work from the first try...

    what can i do??
    have a nice day

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