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    Cheap IDE

    Hi,I have been gifted 2 books by a couple of friends of mine on my b'day on However,the Visual pro. edition CD costs Rs.8000(I'm Indian). That is a lot of money for me and when I approached MS for a concession,they hung up on me.Please direct me to a free/cheaper IDE.

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    First, you should ask this question in the general forum 'cos this is completely O/T. However I'll help you.
    Go to and get it. It's still in beta but it's good for what it is: A text editor with syntax hightlighting(sp?) for many languages. Untill you get a Visual Studio.NET it'll be more than enough. You'll have to get a compiler somewhere else (or whatever you use to be able to run VB apps).
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    You get the compiler directly from They give their .NET compilers for free in the ".NET Framework SDK." Use them with that other IDE. They are command-line, you will need to learn to use them. All the documentation is in MSDN. Have fun!

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