Thread: What next?

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    What next?

    I have got a pretty decent knowledge going about c++ through the console...Ive been working on an rpg for awhile(the term rpg is used very loosely here...its pretty far from the traditional rpg)

    but you know console isnt the best place for game what should I start learning now? I dont really want to be learning all of these console functions if im not going to be using them for windows programming. Should I start up on some directx tutorials? Or some win32? Or should I still be learning more on console?

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    learn how to use Visual Studio (Microsoft)
    thats enouth for the next weeks.
    Or Visual Studio .NET

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    If you are interested in games programming, you can learn SDL.
    And ofcourse you should learn win32 also, I mean I should at least understand a win32 code, if you see it...
    Then you can learn OpenGL.

    This what would do if I wanted to learn games programming in C++.

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