Thread: A Bit Frustrated....

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    A Bit Frustrated....

    I hope i do not insult anybody but i think this is something that has to be said, If you post code and expect someone to look at it, please use proper indentation!

    i am somewhat sick of people posting code and to find it in a state where trying to help them would mean that i have to spend time first re-indentating and spacing their code, it is just to exhausting....

    here as some quite basic rules that will make your code easier to read:

    1. Be sure to use proper tabbing that means that after every { you tab in one more then before it and after every } you tab in one less then before that.
    2. Use proper spacing. Group lines of code that are related in some way by leaving white lines in between them.
    3. If your code is a total mess, don't even post it, just post the problem and see if anyone can point you in the right direction
    4. Never post code without code tags, if you do all the indentation will be lost....

    I really hope people will start following these guidelines, espacially the indentation is important because it makes it easier for people who have never seen the code to understand it.

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    i know it is right there but it seems like people ignore it completely, maybe if posted again, not as a sticky people will take note of it.........

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    What about error messages with no comments in the code indicating where the error is? You'd think it would be common sense to comment your code to indicate where the errors are, but apparently most people who post here have no common sense.

    Then there are the people who have a 200 line program with classes and pointers, and yet they don't even know what a constructor is or what passing by value and passing by reference is. They code the whole thing, then run it and get a hundred errors. The fact of the matter is, they couldn't even run a Hello World program without errors.

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