Thread: can anyone translate this all to aschii characters?

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    can anyone translate this all to aschii characters?

    Illegal Parties, Fast new cars, flappers and swing dancing, are all part of the 1920s, also in the book "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is about Nick Carraway, a man in his 30s who moves from Minnesota to West Egg, New York to learn and work in the stock and bonds business. From there, he befriends a wealthy man that lives next to him, known as Jay Gatsby. The book talks about the wild parties Gatsby holds and the wild lifestyles that the wealthy lived back in the 20s. Though the examples of these lifestyles are not true, the flappers, gambling and illegal drinking and the moral decay of the era are based on historical facts of these times.
    In the book "The Great Gatsby", flappers were scene everywhere. They were at the all the social events and many of the main female characters were flappers. In true life, flappers were out and about; they broke all the rules for how women should act. They cut their hair short, wore more reviling clothing, smoked and drank. In the book, they flapperish characters also acted that way. An example of this is when Myrtle gets drunk, her, and toms little social gathering and starts yelling at tom until she is smacked.
    Gambling was a great problem in the real 1920s, gambling could be found everywhere. In the book they show a part were Nick meets Mr. Wolfshiem and later he finds out that Wolfshiem was the man who set up the 1919 World's Series. People such as Tom Buchanon also suspected him of illegal bootlegging and gambling. To many, how he obtained his fortune was a mystery, rumors clouded over his frequent dinner parties of murder, extortion and racketterring, extortion , and suspected ties with Nazi Germany. Nick also suspects that Wolfshiem is involved in a slew of gambling dealings. Gambling was also found in the many speakeasies, or illegal bars. During the prohibition, people began to seek these underground “watering holes” and engage in other illegal activities.
    In addition to drinking and illegal gambling, the moral decay of the era is also an invaluable part of the 1920’s. Flappers, young girls who defied previous Victorian values.

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    I don't really know what you mean by "aschii"

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    What you see when reading that is ASCII characters. Can you be a little more specific on what you want?

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    you mean something simple like this:

    #include <fstream>

    int main()
    char ch;
    ofstream fout("GatsbyReport.txt");

    cout << "type in the stuff you want. To stop the input type a tilda (~)." << endl;

    while (ch != '~')
    cin >> ch;
    fout << ch;

    cout << "to read the article on Gatsby use the Find function and enter GatsbyReport for the search item. Double click on the file that is returned." << endl;

    return 0;

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    If You want to make some kind of code, might be this will help you
    I have the program. How to send it to you?

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    i'd love to but........... maybe u should try they have all the ascii table values it might take you a while to translate it all...have fun

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    Haha, The Great Gatsby is a high school assignment. It's a stupid book.
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    Maybe he means 1337?
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    Bah! How dare you defile our forums with your so-called 'leet speak'. Doom on you!

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    We are reading that book in school right now, and Xei is right, it sucks.

    Hrmm...mabey it would be better l33t...
    1LLe94l p@R+1E$, pHA5+ n3W C4r5, PhL@PPeR$ 4Nd $w1NG d4NCinG, 4re 4ll p4R+ oPH +h3 19205, 4L5O 1n T3H 800K "tHE 9R3a+ G4t58Y" BY F. $C0++ pH1TZ9eR4ld. +HE 5T0RY i5 480uT niCK c4rR4W4y, 4 m@N 1n h1$ 305 wHO m0vE5 pHrOM m1NN350tA +0 wE$+ 399, N3W YORk +O lE4Rn 4nd WORK In tHe St0Ck 4nd B0ND5 Bu5inE55. pHROm +h3R3, h3 B3PhrieNd$ 4 W34l+hY m4N +H4+ LiV3$ n3Xt +0 HIM, Known 45 j4Y G4+5By. +eh 80OK +4LK5 @8oU+ +eH WILD p@Rt1E$ g4t5bY h0lD5 AnD th3 wILD LiFe5+YlE5 +h4+ +he W34l+hY LIV3d 8ACk In THe 20$. ThoU9H th3 EX@mpL35 0F tH353 l1f35tyL3$ @RE N0+ TrU3, +Eh fL4Pp3r5, 9@mBL1nG 4Nd ilL3G4L driNk1NG 4ND +3h M0R4l deC4y OPH THe Er@ 4rE 845eD 0N HI$+oRical F4CtS 0ph +HE$E TiM3$.
    IN +h3 8oOK "+H3 gR3a+ 94t$by", Phl4ppER$ w3R3 $Cen3 eV3rYwH3R3. Th3y W3Re 4+ tH3 @LL t3H 50Ci4l 3V3N+5 4ND maNy 0f +EH M41N fem4L3 ch4R@C+3Rs W3rE PHl@pper5. 1N +rue L1phE, PHL4pp3R5 W3Re 0uT and @bouT; THEy br0K3 alL TEH rUleS PH0R How woM3N $HoUlD AC+. +HEy CUt +heIR h@1R $HOr+, wOre MOrE reVIl1NG ClO+H1nG, sM0K3d @nd DR@nk. in +He 80oK, +hEY fl4pP3r15H CH@R@cTER5 4L5O @cT3D +h4+ wAY. @N ExaMPL3 0F +h1$ i5 WHeN MyrTL3 geT5 DRUnk, H3r, AND +0m$ LittL3 5Oc14l g4theRIN9 4nd $t4r+$ y3lL1nG a+ tOm UNT1L $H3 i5 5m@ckED.
    94M8Lin9 W@$ 4 grE4+ pr08leM IN ThE RE4L 19205, 94MBL1N9 c0UlD 83 founD eV3RyWHEr3. In +H3 BO0k tHEY $H0W @ P4R+ wer3 N1Ck ME3+$ MR. W0LPhSH1eM 4Nd L4+3r H3 PhINd$ Out +H4+ w0LPHSHI3m w4s THe M4N wHo $3t Up T3H 1919 WORLD'$ $ER135. P30Ple 5UCh 45 +0M BUch4n0N aL50 $U5p3c+Ed h1M Of 1lle9@L b0otlEg91n9 4nD 9@mBL1n9. t0 M4nY, hOw H3 O8+@IN3D H1$ For+unE w45 4 mY5T3ry, RuM0R5 clOuD3d 0v3R HI$ pHrEkw3n+ d1NN3r P4R+i35 Oph murdEr, exToR+Ion @nd RAcK3+t3RR1NG, ExtOrT10n , 4nd 5usP3c+3d +i35 witH N4Z1 93Rm4ny. niCk 4l50 $u$P3c+5 Th4T woLPHsH13m I5 INV0LV3D in 4 5LEW OF G4m8LIn9 dE@L1NG5. 94m8LinG W4s 4L50 f0UNd in +HE m4nY 5p3@K34$1ES, or ILLeG@L 8@r5. DURiNg +EH pr0H1B1+Ion, pe0PLe b39An to $33K +He$E UNdERGROuNd “W4teRINg H0l35” 4ND En94Ge 1N OTher iLL3G4l @cT1v1+ie$.
    1n aDD1+I0n +o DrInkING 4Nd 1lL3g4l 9AmblIn9, tHE m0r4L d3C4Y OF +hE 3r4 15 4L$0 4n inv@lu4BL3 p@RT oF tEh 1920’$. FL@pper5, Y0Ung 91RLs Who D3FiEd PR3v10us v1C+Or14n vAlue$.

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