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    x = foo();

    Alright first lets look at a sample piece of code before I ask my question.

    class foo
                foo() { x = 0; }
                void put( int i ) { x = i; }
                int    get( void ) { return x; }
               int x;
    int main()
           foo bar;
           bar.put( 1 );
           cout << bar.get() << endl;
           bar = foo();
           cout << bar.get() << endl;
    Ok my question is about the line "bar = foo();" Now I know what happens to bar, when i call bar.get() I output a 0. But what I'm wondering is, what exactly is that line of code doing there? Is it making bar call it's constructor again, or is it creating a temporary object of foo and copying that to bar then freeing itself, or not freeing itself staying in memory wasting space? Or is it doing something not in that list?


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    it does 3 things. Firstly a temporary foo object is made with the default constructor. Then the assignment operator is called to assign that temp to bar.Then finally the temp is destroyed by calling the destructor.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Ah ok that's what I figured what was going on but untill I was absolute I just had to ask. Thanks.

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