Thread: Does anyone own this book by Robert Lafore?

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    Question Does anyone own this book by Robert Lafore?


    The book's full title is "The Waite Group's Object-Oriented Programming in C++ - Third Edition", and is written by Robert Lafore.
    ISBN: 1-57169-160-X
    Here is a (very small) picture of the book:

    What I need are the answers to the exercises that follow each chapter of the book, since there are only solutions to 3-4 of them in the book itself. The URL to where one can download the solutions online ( isn't working, and I'm stuck on one of the exercises.

    If anyone has this book, and/or know of where I can get solutions to all the exercises, please let me know. I'd rather not post all my problems on internet boards

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't find can always ask us the ones you don't know/aren't sure about.


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