Thread: Confused: What is wrong with void??

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    [/B]this can be useful for the OS in some ways, havent quite figured out how though .[/B]
    I believe in DOS you check the return code by using errorlevel.

    XP stable? Don't count on it... your just not running the apps he is.

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    When a program runs, your operating system expects an integer value to be placed on the stack that indicates the successfulness of the program. If the operating system does not get this int on the stack, it's possible(though not likely) for it to do some flaky stuff. int main() is just good practice.

    BTW, Windows XP is terrible for gaming, and one of the slowest OS's available. Wait till you see Win 2003, you're gonna hate it with a passion.

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    Windows XP is fine for gaming, you just need a computer that doesn't use a crank to boot up.

    Good thing i wasn't planning on using 2k3, and i hope not many of you are either. It's not for desktop pcs it's for networks.

    Linux is good, OS X is (supposedly) good, but windows is good too. Most people just bash windows because of the big bad brand name it carries.
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    I mean that if you used the same hardware configuration and connection with different OS's, XP would most likely be the slowest. I think maybe we gettin a little bit off topic...

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    >> using void main() 'should' not give any problems with current compilers.

    >gcc 3.2 refuses ``void main''. Would you say it's not a relevant compiler, or won't soon be?

    the should was placed in parenteses as that was to the best of my knowledge =] i am not saying that any compiler is better then another

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