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    Lightbulb directory and file crawl

    I created a program in Perl that crawls through a directory and outputs all folder and file names to a text document.

    I want to create the same program in c++ but I do not know how to write the code in c++ that can find and search through dirctories and files. I only know how to open and write to a file that is in the same folder as my program.

    I'm on a windows machine using Borland 5.5.

    thanks to any who can help

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    search the boards for salems directory walker. Its been posted a few times now. With a few slight modifications it can dump to a text file. Also check the FAQ.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Here is the dos command line fior it

    in c:\ do : "dir *.* /s/a >list.txt"

    just put that into the "system" function in your code
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    response to vVv

    Thanks for the reply vVv

    I tried to compile the code on my windows box with borland 5.5 and it had numerous compile errors.

    Shoul this code work on my setup?


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    He said it was for Linux, so it probably won't compile on Windows.
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