Thread: Passing values from function to function

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    Passing values from function to function

    i am trying to get the hang of passing return values from function to function.
    in the following code:


    #include <vcl.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    #pragma hdrstop


    #pragma argsused
    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    int func(int);
    int funcb(int b, int a);
    int a;
    int b;

    //send this input to other functions
    cout << "Enter a number: ";
    cin >>a;
    cout << "Enter another number: ";
    cin >> b;

    //get this back from func
    cout << "func = " <<func(a)<<"\n": //value from func
    cout << "a = " <<a<<"\n"; //what is a right here

    //mess value returned from func
    cout << "Multiply a*func(a)= " <<a*func(a)<<"\n":

    //get this back from funcb
    cout<< "funcb returned: " << funcb(a,b);

    getchar(); //stop window from closing
    return 0;

    int func (int a)
    return a/2; //so i can tell something happened

    int funcb (int b, int a) //how do i pass int(a) returned from
    // func to funcb
    return a*b; //so i can tell something happened

    The original value for a -- cin >> a; -- is passed to funcb.
    I expected the value returned from func to change the value of a in main and pass the altered value to funcb.
    Does this need to be a pointer or the like.
    The header file pragma... stuff and int main(int....) stuff is automatically included in Borlands new console stuff - and is a bit over my head i might add.

    thanks ITLD

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    The reason that the original value of "a" is passed to funcb() is because your not actually changin "a".
    When you say

    cout << "Multiply a*func(a)= " <<a*func(a)<<"\n":

    all that it does is print out the value of (a*func(a)).
    To have it change the value of "a" you'd say something like this

    a = a*func(a);
    cout << "Multiply a*func(a)= " <<a<<"\n":

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    Thanks for the response - this c++ thing is just too cool


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