Thread: telling if a value is alphabetic or numaric?

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    telling if a value is alphabetic or numaric?

    is there a way to check if an inputed value is a letter or number? because i have this program that needs a user to type in a bunch of numbers (0-9) and if you put in a number ever, it automaticly fills everyone with a zero. i tried this:
    if(x != 1 && x != 2 && x != 3.... && x != 9)
      cout <<"That's not a valid number";
      b--;       //b is used to count how many ints the have put in, dont want it to think that it was a valid value
    but it didnt work.
    thanks in advance for any help!
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    cctype or ctype.h depending on compiler.

    look up isdigit() and isalpha()

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    If this isnt in the FAQ then it bloody well should be.
    You have two basic strategies.

    1) Get all input as a string and use stringstreams to parse whats needed from the string

    2) Use member functions of the cin object such as clear(),fail(),good(),bad() and ignore() to do the necessary.

    Check the FAQ. there should be examples in it.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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