Thread: Another Exception problem

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    Another Exception problem

    Greets! I got stuck again with handling Exception.
    This time however is a bit different.
    My code is the following:
    try  {StrToInt(txtBox1hossz->Text);}
        catch(...) {ShowMessage("You should have given an integer!"); goto subroutineend;}
    But it does not what is should.

    When I write a text into txtBox1hossz (not an integer), it gives me the error window of the EConvertError, not the message I wanted it to display!
    After I make the program run further, it displays my error message.
    But I only want it to display my message, when I write an improper value to the textbox, and jump to the subroutineend label.

    How can I do this?

    Thanks for help again!


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    It sounds like the exception is being caught by another handler higher up in your code. Remove the handler if you don't want it to be caught there.

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