Thread: Writing "Enter" character to a txt file

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    Writing "Enter" character to a txt file


    Now I am at writing into a file. My file is a simple plain text file, with ".dat" extension. There's only one problem with it.

    I cannot make a new line in the file. I use the "\r\n" character as the ending of a line. But instead of writing the following data into the next line, it writes only small squares (special character) into the file.
    How can I make a new line?

    Thanks for the help again, and this time there's no poll

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    show the code please

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    I hope this time I use the code tag properly...

       iFileHandle = FileOpen(fajlnev, fmOpenWrite);
        iFileLength = FileSeek(iFileHandle,0,2);
    //Megadom, hogy mit kell kiírni
        kiirando="Csoport azonosító:," + txtCsoportID->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Előkezelés:," + txtElokezeles->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Előkezelési dózis:," + txtElodozis->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Előkezelés időtartama:," + txtEloido->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Kezelés:," + txtKezeles->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Kezelési dózis:," + txtKezdozis->Text + char(13);
        kiirando=kiirando + "Kezelés időtartama:," + txtKezido->Text + char(13) + char(13)+ char(13);
    //Kiírom a fileba az adatokat
        int tempint=kiirando.Length()+1;
        pszBuffer = new char[tempint];
        for (int i=1; i< tempint; i++)
             { pszBuffer[i-1]=kiirando[i]; };
        FileWrite(iFileHandle, pszBuffer,kiirando.Length());
    This is the code. After this I make a small exception handling, nothing serious.
    I use char(13) as the enter character here. The weird thing is that the Lister of Total Commander DOES recognize this as an Enter, but the Notepad doesn't.

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