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    strange return value

    I'm writing a binary tree and having some problems. In my delete method, I return 1 if the root is the only node in the tree and it is deleted and a 0 in every other case. When I run the program, for some reason in a certain case, I get the value of 163920. Here's the code for that case:
    if(right == NULL && left == NULL)
      BTN *t = this;
       if(parent == NULL)
        delete t;
        return 1;
       /*int lorr = parent->lorr(name);
       if(lorr == 1)
        parent->left = NULL;
        //parent = NULL;
        delete t;
        parent->right = NULL;
        //parent = NULL;
        delete t;
       delete t;
       return 0;
    The node I'm trying to delete ought to return 0. Does having that "delete t;" mess with the return? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've heard about compiler problems with returning a value that isn't in parenthesis, so you may wish to use them, as so:


    just to ensure that it is compiling properly.

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