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    hay.. I'm kinda new.. well... really new.. to C++. I'm wondering if theres any way for a user to input an equation. i'm working on a program that had embedded equations, the only problem is I want the user to be able to define the equations to fit their own need. i've been trying different approaches, but I can't find anything anywhere that hints on how to do this, short of strings of IF statements or strings of switches... can anyone help?

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    Yup, you have to parse it yourself, unless you can compile on the fly. I made a graphing program a long time ago, and you had to change the source code to get it to draw another equation, since I didn't know the solution back then (I was using BASIC). However, the problem arose on the DevShed board a few weeks ago, and after thinking about the problem newly (after about 10 years), I came up with a solution using pointers to functions, which I am going to implement myself, soon. If you are a newbie at C++, then you may wish to pass on this. But, here's the thread, if you want to look at my answer:dynamically defined functions I think it will work.

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    Yes,functions r the easiest way to solve operations.From simple BODMAS operations to long equations, functions r the answer.If u dont know much of OOP,make the user enter 1 value at a time and print the final answer in the end.

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