Thread: "C++: How to Program" or not?

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    "C++: How to Program" or not?


    I want to get a C++ introductory book. I know C (I read "C: How to program" and "C Unleashed").

    I read the ACCU review (, which rated C++ How to program as "not recommended". And there are conflicting comments on the net regarding this book.
    For me i like C How to program very much, so please tell me if it is worth it to get this book.

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    oh boy.....first read the faq(should have c++ links in there)...and milk every free online tutorial you can (starting here ) i've got the stroustrup book, deitle & deitle, c++ for dummies but i dont really like any of em, theyre all good books but there are so many online tutorials....for FREE. the transition shouldnt be that hard for ya, if you already know c pretty well...good luck

    i only say all of this cuz books can get expensive
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    My Choice

    If u try your hand with a simple language like HTML,then u can definitely use online documents,but an extremely vast language like C++ needs thorough study. I found online stuff useless for C++.I went in to buy a good book,as my name suggests and bought "Learn C++ In 24 Hours" by Jesse Liberty. Its great. And a special note for u- its introduction says,"All u C programmers,buckle up,u r about to leave Kansas."

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    I think there's a little more to C++ than you can learn in 24 hours.

    If you're serious, I recommend "Object-Oriented Programming in C++" by Johnsonbaugh & Kalin.

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    I highly recommend Beginning Visual C++ 6 by Ivor Horton. You may have noticed my comments on other tutorials in some other threads. This book is one book that explains everything in the proper way. It is hard to find tutorials that do not have major problems, and this is one of them. I think the only one that I have seen. It takes you through learning C++ in 6 chapters before even getting into classes, and then explains classes exactly what they are - not in abstract terms like most books do. (They are data types. How easy is that? ) It goes over them for a few chapters before even getting into inheritance. Very, very good book. Well worth every penny.

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