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    Unhappy Parsing array elements

    Okay here goes,

    Is it possible to parse the elements of an array (11110000)
    into separate boolean characters.... I have an array of characters named 'buffer'

    char buffer[9]; // 8 chars plus the NULL
    gets (buffer) ; // I type in 11110000

    I want to parse each character to make an array of boolean characters.... How could I do this...


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    void printbits(unsigned int tobeprinted)
    unsigned int shift=8*sizeof(unsigned int)-1; // bits are 0-31 not 1-32
    unsigned int mask=1<<shift;
    printf("%i is ",tobeprinted);
    for(unsigned int i=1;i<=(shift+1);i++)
    if(tobeprinted &mask) printf("1");
    tobeprinted <<= 1;
    if (i%8==0) printf(" ");
    int main()
    for (int i=1;i<10;i++)
    printf("Enter positive integer :-");
    unsigned int input;
    return 0;
    not exactly what you are after but it shows one possible method of extracting bits from an int.From this you will be able to do the same for a char.
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