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    Question back...

    i'm running a dev++ and i can't figure out y the background isn't fully covered with blue y and how to change?

    int choice,x;
    printf("****************************************** *************************************\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("\3\t 1.\t Resistor Value -> Colour Code \t\t \3\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("\3\t 2.\t Colour Code -> Resistor Value \t\t \3\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("\3\t 3.\t Store Resistor Values \t\t \3\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("\3\t 4.\t Recorded Resistor Values \t\t \3\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("\3\t 5.\t Quit \t\t \3\n");
    printf("\6\t\t \t\t \6\n");
    printf("****************************************** *************************************\n\n");
    printf("Please enter a choice : ");

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    Read this.

    This belongs in the DOS (or C) programming forum.


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    ..Yeah, you should really use code tags. But any rate, the color procedure you used isn't working on my computer at all. To easily use colors in DOS C++ you can simply use a system command:
    system("color 4A"); //red and green
    See, it's in hexdecimal (0-9 and A-F). The first color is the background and the second color is the foreground. Hope that helps.

    (oh, btw.. You forgot to include the end of your DO-WHILE loop in your code snippet! )

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