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    I bought this Visual C++ 4.1 at a garage sale for $2 thinking I might be able to work out how to use it and of course I don't have a clue. So rather than throw it out, is there a few tips that can get me started at least to see if I want to continue. I was able to build an Application with a few buttons and seemed to get that to work with a little bit of code I picked up along the way.

    MessageBox(" Bla bLA bLA"); and somehow this Application came up and seemed to work. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Regards Cambo

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    Hear our thoughts about what? There is Visual Studios 6 out not and maybe even 7, not sure. So 4.1 is a little old. But you would probley need to purchase a license to upgrade to 6.

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    "WHAT" I'm only after a few tips or even links to, before I start buying versions 6 and 7 I'd like to play around with 4.1 a little bit. Even though I knows she's an old girl I'm sure she will let me know. Why marry them if you don't love them.

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    tips and links to ... ? it depends, if you are proficient and programming and are ready for win32api or games, check out the windows programming forum and the game programming forum.

    if you want, you can also take a look at the tutorials on this site. and then there is always google

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    dump that old compiler.
    If you want to learn c/c++ then get a new compiler. One that is much more standards conforming.
    You can get Dev-c here .Its an IDE that uses the mingw compiler. Better than the old vis c u have now. Then to start with try a few web tutorials. You can find some here in our tutorial section and some further information in our FAQ. Other than that google will throw up about a million links for "C++ tutorial" so try a few and see how you do. If, once you get started , you have coding problems then that is what we are here to help you with. Any code you post use code tags for, learn to use the search and read the FAQ before asking your questions though.
    Other than that you will need books. For starting out in c++ i recommend Accellerated C++ by Koenig and moo.
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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    For Dev-C++ make sure to get a non-beta version.

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