Thread: Overloading < or > operators

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    Overloading < or > operators

    Hi all,
    I want to use a greater than operator and overload it to compare two objects of the same class thereby doing a bubble or selection sort to alphabetize...
    I understand the syntax (I think) I have it sans the overlaod my question it the delaration of this operator..
    should it be a friend or a member function and what it is's setup?

    the alphabetize function I use is as follow:
    //Seat::& operator < (const Seat *seat_o )
    //the above doesn't fly....
    //alphabetize:client function
    void Airplane::alpha ()
    //in: *s[], Mnum; out:none
    	char Ln[20]={""};
    	char Ln1[20]={""};
    	char Fn[20]={""};
    	Seat *tempname;
    	for (int i = 0; i < MAX_ITEMS; i++)
    		for (int j = i+1; j < MAX_ITEMS; j++)
    			if ((Ln1[0] > Ln[0]))
    				tempname = seats[i];
    				seats[i] = seats[j];
    				seats[j] = tempname;
    it seems there is not alot of info about thhis operator overload..there are tons of things about insertion and extraction and mathematical..
    any help MUCH appreciated as always..
    thanks from
    the bouncing Mouse

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    comparison operator < less than...
    alternative 1. negligably faster than alt 2 but depends on private members and friendship.
    class pointless
    int x;
    friend bool operator < ( const pointless& lhs, const pointless& rhs )
    { return lhs.x < rhs.x ; }
    alternative 2. depends on class interface only.
    class pointless
    int x;
    int Getx() { return x;}
    bool operator < ( const pointless& lhs, const pointless& rhs)
    { return lhs.Getx() < rhs.Getx(); }
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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    more ??

    Hi & thanks for the response..
    maybe you can help more...
    I am using the > operator as a member function to compare
    one object to the 'this' object...
    it works and compiles but when I attempt to use it in my Alphabetize function (to alpha by LastName...I am not alphabetized) so I figure there must be a logic error somewhere.
    (I also want to organize sequentionally by seat iDnum, so that
    the seat numbers aren't messed up after the alpha function.)
    here is my code...

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    I could not find the actual implementation of '<'. My suggestion is to loose char LastName[20]; and use std::string LastName; This makes < much easyer to write.
    bool operator < (const Seat &rhs) const {
        if (LastName < rhs.LastName)
            return true;
        else if(LastName == rhs.LastName)
            return FirstName < rhs.FirstName;
            return false;
    This will sort by last name, then first name if two people have the same last names. Changing Airplane::seats to std::vector<Seat> seats; will let you use
    std::sort(seats.begin(), seats.end()); instead of alpha() and handle airplanes with more than twelve passengers, though given our current economy twelve passengers is probably generous.

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