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    SuSE compiling

    I have SuSE linux, and was wondering how to compile a C++ program in linux, or if anyone knows of a program to use. I've just been using the regular text editor, and it highlights the correct parts of the code, like it knows what I'm doing, but I can't find an option to run the program. Thanks in advance.

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    SuSE is supposed to ship with the gcc compiler. Beyond that, I don't know if it's installed by default (I'd think so.) and I don't know how to invoke it.
    I hope this is of some help.

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    If you have KDevelop installed you can use that, or alternatively like all *nix OS's you can open a terminal window and from the command propmpt use g++
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    C is embeded in all *NIX environment.
    That must be shipped with all distros of linux.

    gcc is a C compiler.
    g++ is a C++ compiler.

    If it's not installed by default, you can use rpm to install it (SuSE supports rpm). Or Package Manager in KDE can do as well.
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    Try to use KDevelop. It is very nice and powerful. I like it more than MSVC++. Too bad I don't have linux installed on this comp YET. I will eventually.

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