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    set precision?

    hey all, i am making a program to test if a number is prime (as some of you already know) and i got it working, except there is only one thing, and that is it doesnt work with numbers over 9 digets long, i tried putting
    cin >>n >>setprecision (20);
    which i saw someone do for a cout once, but it didnt work. is there any way to make it support more digets? here is my code:
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>
    #include <string>
    int main()
      int i = 2;                            //the first number it tests
      int n;
      int b;
        cout <<"Enter a number to test.\n";
        cin >>n;
        b = (n % i);                        //be is the remainder of their number and 2
        if(n == 2 || n == 3)
          cout <<n <<" is prime.\n\n";
          return 0;
        if(b == 0)                          //if there is no remainder...
          cout <<n <<" is not prime. It is divisible by 2.\n\n"; //...its not prime
          for(i = 3; i < sqrt(n); i = i + 2) //if its odd, it starts with 3, and goes up by 2 each time
            b = (n % i);                     //same as before, except instead of 2 its the next odd value
            if(b == 0)                       //if no remainder...
              cout <<n <<" is not prime. It is divisible by "<< i <<".\n\n";  //...then its not prime
              return 0;
            }   //end if
            else                             //if its not yet known, it just repeats the loop
            }   //end else
          }     //end for
            cout <<n <<" is prime.\n\n";         //once i > .5n (at which point its redundent) it declares it prime
        }     //end else
      }         //end while
    }           //end main
    a minor side note, if the number is divisible by 3, it says its divisible by 2, not a big deal but i couldnt find how to fix that.
    also how do you use goto? or something like that, because after it finds a number not prime it has to quit, i would rather use something like goto then have to implament a loop.
    thank you for your time.
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    the use of goto is not recommended. it produces sloppy code most of the time. just use a loop.

    I don't think setprecision will work with cin. you have to do it with cout.

    edit: this should do...
    std::cout << std::setprecision(10) << s << std::endl;
    where s is a double with 9 decimal places.
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