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    ftn that returns type

    I am looking for a function that returns what a value is...if it's a digit or a char.
    Basically, here's what I'm trying to do:

    // class outline

    class mb
    public: mb( int i );
    mb( char c );
    int getNum();
    char getCh();
    bool isNum();
    private: int num;
    char ch;
    bool isAnum;

    Basically, I will create a new mb and assign a value. For ex in main:
    mb *p1 = new mb(23);
    mb *p2 = new mb('x');

    // now when retrieving value to use somewhere else, i will use
    // the bool ftn to tell me wether it's an int or not.
    bool b = p2 -> isNum();

    but, isdigit doesn't work for this. at least when i tried it with a very simple test program it didn't work.

    any ideas?
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    You could set isAnum in your constructor depending on which one is called.

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