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    Please Help. I need a C++ program that can do the below....

    -Open a new car or home loan account.
    -Print out details of a specific car or home loan account given the account number.
    -Print a current list of the customers who have an outstanding loan.
    -Receive payment for an existing car or home loan account and adjust the outstanding balance.
    -Close a car or home loan account.


    class Bank-manages all loan accounts. maintains list of outstanding loans & generates unique account number on new accounts. Performs all the neccassary functions above

    class Loan-base class for CarLoan, HomeLoan. contains balance info on cust.

    class Customer-Contain lastname, ssn, & info on car or house loaned by customer.

    class CarLoan-derived from Loan & Car classes

    class HomeLoan-derived from Loan & additionally contains interest type such as fixed or variable

    class Car -car name & year

    class Home-contains the address & the year built

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    I have nothing of value to add to this discussion.

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    Please Help.
    I suggest you get started before the due date gets too close.

    Homework Policy.

    Ask a more specific question if you hit a roadblock, and show evidence that you attempted something.


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