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    Message in Borland C++

    Hi, I'm using Borland Turbo C++ 4.5. Hope you all can help me.

    I received a compile error message saying that the array size is too large in function main(). Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

    I'm using the array of object which contain about 80 objects. Is this too large? Please advise.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <fstream.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    #define tableSize 80
    #define textSize 1000
    class Secret
    	int length;
    	char actual;
    	char cipher;
    	char text[textSize];
    	char temp[textSize];
    	Secret(char a, char c){actual=a; cipher=c;}
    	int menu();
    	void encryptMSG(Secret s[]);
    void Secret::encryptMSG(Secret s[])
    	char filename[15], ans;
    	float count=0, time=0.0;
    	//Prompt to enter message for encryption
    	cout << "\n";
    	cout << "\tEncrypt Message" << endl;;
    	cout << "\t---------------" << endl;
    	cout << "\n\tEnter Message:" << endl;
    	cout << "\n\t";
    	cin.getline(text, textSize);
    	//Encryption process start
    	for (int x=0; x<length; x++)
    		for (int y=0; y<tableSize; y++)
    			if (text[x]==s[y].actual)
    	//Display encrypted message
    	cout << "\n\n";
    	cout << "\n\tEncrypted Message:" << endl;
    	cout << "\n\t";
    	for (int z=0; z<length; z++)
    		cout << temp[z];
    	cout << "\n\n\n\n";
    	cout << "\tTime used for encryption: " << time << " seconds" << endl << endl;
    	cout << endl << endl;
    	cout << "\tSave the encrypted message into a file? [Y/N] ";
    	cin >> ans;
    	//Save the encrypted message to a file
    	if (ans=='Y'|| ans=='y')
    		cout << endl;
    		cout << "\tEnter file name [end with .txt]: ";
    		cin >> filename;
    		ofstream ofile(filename);
    		for (int z=0; z<length; z++)
    			ofile << temp[z];
    int Secret::menu()
    	int choice;
    	cout << "\n\n";
    	cout << "\t---------" << endl;
    	cout << "\tMain Menu" << endl;
    	cout << "\t---------" << endl;
    	cout << "\n";
    	cout << "\t1. Encrypt Message" << endl;
    	cout << "\t2. Exit" << endl;
    	cout <<"\n\tYour Choice: ";
    	cin >> choice;
    	return choice;
    void main()
    	int choice;
    	Secret sc[tableSize]={
    		Secret('A','z'), Secret('B','a'), Secret('C','q'), Secret('D','w'), Secret('E','s'),
    		Secret('F','x'), Secret('G','c'), Secret('H','d'), Secret('I','e'), Secret('J','r'),	//10
    		Secret('K','f'), Secret('L','v'), Secret('M','b'), Secret('N','g'), Secret('O','t'),
    		Secret('P','y'), Secret('Q','h'), Secret('R','n'), Secret('S','m'), Secret('T','j'),
    		Secret('U','u'), Secret('V','i'), Secret('W','k'), Secret('X','l'), Secret('Y','o'),
    		Secret('Z','p'), Secret('a','1'), Secret('b','!'), Secret('c','@'), Secret('d','2'),	//30
    		Secret('e','#'), Secret('f','3'), Secret('g','$'), Secret('h','4'), Secret('i','%'),
    		Secret('j','5'), Secret('k','^'), Secret('l','6'), Secret('m','&'), Secret('n','7'),
    		Secret('o','*'), Secret('p','8'), Secret('q','9'), Secret('r','0'), Secret('s','/'),
    		Secret('t','?'), Secret('u','.'), Secret('v',','), Secret('w','+'), Secret('x','-'),	//50
    		Secret('y','='), Secret('z','_'), Secret('+','Y'), Secret('-','Q'), Secret('*','A'),
    		Secret('/','Z'), Secret(' ','X'), Secret('!','S'), Secret('@','W'), Secret('#','E'),
    		Secret('$','D'), Secret('%','C'), Secret('^','V'), Secret('&','F'), Secret('_','R'),	
    		Secret('=','T'), Secret('?','G'), Secret('.','B'), Secret(',','N'), Secret('|','H'),	//70
    		Secret('1','~'), Secret('2',':'), Secret('3','<'), Secret('4','>'), Secret('5','{'),
    		Secret('6','`'), Secret('7','}'), Secret('8','['), Secret('9',']'), Secret('0','U')		//80
    	Secret sd;
    			case 1: sd.encryptMSG(sc);
    			case 2: cout << "\n\t";
    			default: cout << "\n\tInvalid Choice!" << endl;
    	} while (choice>0 && choice<2);
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    It would seem to be specific to your set up, it compiles and runs fine with VC. No help to you of course, but at least you know it is not a coding error!
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    Is Turbo C++ 4.5 for Dos or Windows ?

    I think the problem would be with the memory model in which you are compiling your program.

    Try changing the memory model in Options -> Configuration or wherever your compiler's configuration dialog is.

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    Thank you guys, I will try that... thanks a lot.

    Dev, I'm using the Turbo C++ 4.5 windows version and I can't find the configuration under the option... May be is different version

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