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    Visual Studio 6.0 Help

    I just got my version of VS 6.0 and I know how to use VC++ 6.0 and VB 6.0 but I have now idea on what Visual FoxPro 6.0 or Visual InterDev 6.0 do. Could some please explain to me what they are and.or what they do. I would Also like to know if there are any websites or good book to learn the adv. features of VC++ 6.0 Becuase I know the basic of the C++ learn and I want to learn what VC++ can help me do. Thank you for your help whoever gives it.

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    VisualInterdev is for website development. It resembles Frontpage in that it uses those extensions to publish to the server but it is less friendly for beginners. Additionally, it is more geared toward ASP (server side scripting) than it is toward client side.
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