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    Unhappy Operator Overloading of array output

    Hi all...
    I have a question regarding overloading of the << operator.
    I am using it as a friend function of a class in order to print out
    the private data of each object of the class when created.
    It works beautifully when i create a single object, however...
    if I attempt to create an array of objects of the class a cout <<
    statement of each object simply gives me the output of the memory address.
    I can't seem to find any examples of this behavior, in addition
    I've dynamically allocated my array, don't know if this has cause even more problems.
    The class and member function (including the firiend to overload is below) I also want to overload the >> operator to load data into the class alot farther away from that thought process.
    Thanks so much!
    #include <iomanip>
    using std::setw;
    using std::left;
    using std::right;
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <iostream>
    using std::cout;
    using std::cin;
    using std::endl;
    using std::ostream;
    using std::istream;
    class Seat
    void clear();
    		void print() const;
    		friend ostream & operator << (ostream & output, const Seat &seat_o );
    		//friend istream & operator << (istream & input,  Seat &seat_o );
    		void assign(char *first, char *last);
    		void setSeatNum(int sn){iSeatNum = sn;};
    		bool getbassigned()const{return bassigned;};
    		int getSeatNum()const{return iSeatNum;};
    		void getFirstname(char*First)const{strcpy(First,FirstName);};
    		void getLastname(char*Last) const{strcpy(Last,LastName);}
    	int iSeatNum;
    	bool bassigned;
    	char FirstName[20];
    	char LastName[20];
    //Member Function Definitions
    //constructor:server function
    	iSeatNum = 1;
    	bassigned = false;
    //destructor:server function
    //assign(set):server function
    void Seat::assign(char *Fname, char *Lname)
    //in: *Fname, *Lname; out:LastName, Firstname, bassigned;
    //out assigned seat w/ names & bool type to true
    	strcpy(LastName, Lname);
    	strcpy(FirstName, Fname);
    	bassigned = true;
    //clear:server function
    void Seat::clear()
    //in: none; out:none
        bassigned = false;
    //print:server function
    void Seat::print() const
    //in: none; out:none
    	if (bassigned == true)
    		cout << left  << setw(12) << FirstName 
    			<< left << setw(12) << LastName;
    		cout << right << setw(10) << iSeatNum << "\n";
    //Friend Function definitions
    ostream &operator<<( ostream & output,  const Seat &seat_o )
    				output << "Overloaded << Operator :" << endl;
    				output << left << setw(12)<< "FirstName :"<< seat_o.FirstName<<endl;
    			    output << left << setw(12)<< "Lastname :" << seat_o.LastName << endl;
    				output << right << setw(10)<< "Seat Number :" << seat_o.iSeatNum << "\n";
    				return output;
    istream & operator << (istream & input,  Seat &seat_o ) // VERY confused as to loading here
    //	int i;
    	//	seat_o.setSeatNum(i+1);
    			//	return input;
    //NON member, NON friend functions
    void initSeatNum(Seat *seats[], int num);
    int main()
    const MAX_ITEMS = 12;
    Seat aseat;
    	Seat *bseat[MAX_ITEMS];
    	for (int i = 0; i < MAX_ITEMS; i++)
    		bseat[i] = new Seat;
    		cout << bseat[i] << endl;//this only prints out memory addresses for each object!
    initSeatNum(bseat, MAX_ITEMS);
    cout << aseat; // this works fine
    	return 0;
    //Initialize:client function
    void initSeatNum(Seat *seats[], int Mnum )
    //in: seats, Mnum; out:none
    	for (int i = 0; i < Mnum; i++)

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    try, i'm not sure, but i think this is right:
    cout << *bseat[i] << endl;
    also, you're istream should be:
    istream & operator >> (istream & input,  Seat &seat_o ) //not << operator

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    actually i was using a reference parameter and calling a pointer once i changed that..things were better the << operator instead of >> was an accidental typo - i hadn't attempted that function yet
    thanks alpha

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