Thread: just another text input question...

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    just another text input question...

    ...probably a stupid one...

    ...I am trying to read in many lines of text and so far I can get the program to read in one line and that is it...using ifstream for file input...I am trying to tell it to read all lines until the end of the file...or some string that separates the files...then I wish to save what it has read into a there anything else apart from getline??...

    ...I realise this might be something very simple but we all have to start somewhere right??...

    ...I had tried to save each line....and append them together to then save all in a I totally off??...

    ...thank you so very much...

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    Here's a snippet for you
    vector<string> v;
    string str;
    while (getline(cin, str))
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    40 know what?...I was not putting the getline in a while loop...thank you that solved that problem... the coolest...

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