Thread: string manipulation, etc.

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    string manipulation, etc.

    Ok, so i have to take this older program that i wrote and develop a new input style for it. the original type of input was just separate integers of input on separate lines. now, we have to have input on the order of:

    {5,100, 5123}

    and the like. the input must start with the curly brace, and the commas separate values. when we output the user's set, any number that would contain a comma must contain a comma. for example:

    {5, 100, 5,123}

    as per the previous input. this last part i can't figure out... how can you insert a comma as part of the output of values?

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    think / and %

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    If you want to do this ...

    to output like this {1,2,3}
    do it
    cout<<"{"<<arr[0]<<"," <<arr[1] etc.

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    well, we have to change the output of the number from




    like you would write it longhand with the commas as digit grouping separators

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    If you're only dealing with positive numbers less than a million, you could do something like this:
    int num = 12345;
    cout << num/1000 << ',' << num%1000;
    The output there would be: 12,345

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    that will be a great part of the code for the positive numbers, but it also has to have a condition for negative numbers........ the valild input will be in the range +32999 to -32999 or something... i'll probably use that for the positive values if it's easier than the code for negative values.

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    one problem with that little piece of code......... if the remainder portion has leading zeros, it won't display them. if you have 1000, i will display 1,. if you have 1002 it will display 1,2. i'll try to find a way around that myself for now though. ya know, so i can "further my education" and whatnot

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