Thread: Function that adds "!" to end of String

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    Function that adds "!" to end of String

    Can someone tell me how to write code for a function that adds "!" to the end of each STRING object in a list. This is what I have:
    void exclamation(Node* head)
      const string s = "!";
    string list +=s;
    cout << list;
    Will this work?

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    I think it will.
    but I think you can only do this:
        List = List + "!";
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    No - you haven't done anything at all to any string pointed to by head.

    All you are doing here is creating 2 strings, one called s and one called list, both containing !, and then printing ! to the screen.

    You need to find a way to use that pointer to walk through the list of strings one element at a time, adding '!' to each one. (You don't even need that new string s. The right operand of += can be a char.)

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    What about using strcat()?

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    while (head != NULL) {
      head->str += "!";
      head = head->next;

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