Thread: 2d Array Problem.

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    2d Array Problem.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <fstream.h>
    int main ()
    	ifstream fin ("");
    	ofstream fout ("gift1.out");
    	int NP;
    	fin >> NP;
    	char strName[NP][15];
    	int i;
    	for (i = 0; i< NP;i++)
    	return 0;
    Basically, what this program is supposed to do is input NP names, of length 1 to 14 from a text file. However, when I run the program, I get 3 errors on the line 'char strName[NP][15];' They are:
    error C2057: expected constant expression
    error C2466: cannot allocate an array of constant size 0
    error C2133: 'strName' : unknown size

    Thanks in advance for any help

    {EDIT: The number input for NP is 5}

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    an arrays size must be known at compile time. thats why its saying constant expected.
    To do what you want at runtime you need to use dynamic memory allocation throgh the new/delete operators.
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    Here is an example of dynamic memory allocation using pointers:
    int main()
        int NP;
        int *point;
        // Allocation memory
       point = new int[NP][15];
       // End of program
       delete point;
       return 0;
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    The problem is:

    You shoud declare the size of the array.

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