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    Question Compilars

    I'm just starting with c++ and I understand the verry basics... mainly because I don't have a compilar yet. Yes I did do searches and the like but I figured I'd get opinions. If your wondering I know a cople other languages.

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    zorn zorn zorn zorn zorn zorn zorn

    uoss? zorn

    gcc is a good c++ compiler. the borland compilers are nice as well, and if you have cash, get the ms compiler. nice ide.

    dev-c++ is kindof a garbage ide, if you ask me
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    there are many threads about this. you said you did a search, there are many with "opinions".

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    I saw a survey that showed Borland as the most popular free compiler. gcc seems to be very popular too.

    Microsoft Visual C++ is the most popular non-free compiler. And, the most popular for commercial use. It's about $100 (and up.)

    The advantage of using something popular is that it's easier to find someone to help you.

    BTW - I use MSVC++ at home. Some other obscure compilers at work (for special hardware).

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    Originally posted by ggs

    dev-c++ is kindof a garbage ide, if you ask me
    No it is not. And it sure beats the Borland Compiler, which has no IDE.

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