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    Question odbc with vc++

    I use directplay to implement a server side database. While
    I access the content from client side through the ODBC, than the
    disaster was happened.
    I think it's not the quiz about ddplay. I ever implemented
    a chatroom by ddplay. Due to I use ODBC to access data not
    DAO. The problem is I can retrive data from database, but can't do any transactions with database( occur error messages )

    Anyone who can give me any advice about odbc with vc?

    If I add try....catch, then the error messages will become
    attempt to update and delete failure.....

    Below was my error messages
    Debug Error!
    Program: E:\T2UDB.exe
    abnormal program termination
    (Press Retry to debug the application)
    Application occur execpet unknown software exception (0x80000003)in position 0x77f7f570

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    You will have to be more precise about the problem you are having. Perhaps posting some code where the problem occurs. Otherwise, try reading the help.


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