Thread: Help with wxwindows

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    Help with wxwindows

    ok i installed this and followed every single tutorial i could find and i don't understand how to get it to work and it's starting to get on my nerves. Does anyone know how to do this and explain how to integrate it into C++ in english.

    Thank You
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    What's wxwindows???

    OK. I looked it up. If you've never done any Windows / GUI programming, this is probably NOT the best place to start. In general, Windows programming is much more involved than console programming. For example, Petzold's* first "Hello Windows" example is about 50 lines of code. And, even if you're a C++ expert, the windows code will be unrecognizable if you've never studied it before. So, you should be really comfortable with console C++ before you take the leap into windows.

    *Book - "Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold

    Also, you didn't say what your particular problem was... just in case anybody here is using, or has used, wxwindows.
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    the problem is actually creating a program in C++ and have it display what's happening visually because i need to know how to draw for my final project.
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